Our Mission Statement

St. Mary's Episcopal Church endeavors to fulfill its mission as a vital Episcopal presence in Belvidere, New Jersey and its environs including the adjoining Pennsylvania communities, through a nourishing worship experience in the Episcopal tradition with Eucharistic - centered worship and the offerings of The Book of Common Prayer in non-Eucharistic worship, as well as occasional healing services. It is our dedicated determination to welcome all people in all the rich diversity of the human family to this church

Church Hall Rental

St. Mary's Stout Hall is available for rental at reasonable prices.  We are handicapped accessible, offer clean well lit bathrooms and excellent kitchen facilities. Please our church secretary to request information on bookings.



St. Mary's Episcopal Church

The Aug 10th service will be at 9 am at the Four Sisters Winery, and the Aug 17th service will be at 9 am at St. Mary's, to celebrate the feast of Saint Mary.

408 Third Street
Belvidere, NJ 07832
Church Phone & Fax Number 908-475-5494


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The Church Leadership

The Right Reverend Mark Beckwith Bishop of Newark

Laura R. Matarazzo,

Annie Pike,
Senior Warden

Gil Lameiras
Junior Warden

The Service Schedule

The Holy Connections service will be on Saturdays at 5 pm at St. Mary's,

The Holy Eucharist service will be on Sundays at 9 am at St. Luke's.


Getting to St Mary's

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Upcoming Events Schedule

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